Lions Charity Run - Hamburg 2013

Actual News

We did it!

It was a fantastic trip with unforgettable experiences.

Now we can assure: There will be a new version. As promised to PIP Wayne A. Madden in Hamburg next year we will realize the 2nd Lions Charity Run...

...from Oak Brook towards Toronto off to the LCIC 2014!


Due to the particular importance of the year 2014, the motto for this year's race and thus the running route was changed:



24.09. - 03.10.2014

25 years fall of the Berlin wall - Lions from Poland and Germany run together with Rotarians from the City of Solidarność to Berlin and thus commemorate the overcoming of the division of Europe.

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On 17th of December the donations were handed over to kindergartens and institutions that were damaged by the flood in germany in summer 2013.

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To mark the occasion of the Lions Clubs International Congress in Hamburg 2013, the German Districts 111-ON and N and the Polish District D121 decided to hold the „Lions Charity Run“ – a joint run from Poland to Germany. Mrs Cornelia Pieper, state minister in the Foreign Office and Cooordinator of German-Polish social and cross-border cooperation, has kindly taken on the patronage of this international run.

We are inviting all to participate in this historic run, either personally as a runner or by accompanying a team as a bike rider or by supporting the event as a sponsor or simply by cheering on the runners as they pass by.  We as organisers are hoping for strong participation, especially in the cities that lie along the route and at the finish line in Hamburg.  The  runners would also be very happy to meet members and friends of the local Lions clubs in each of the planned overnight stay locations.

We run – We serve

In light of the current flood catastrophe, we have decided to donate most of the funds raised in this charity run to the flood victims. We have decided on the following distribution: 100% of all donations from Germany will go towards the flood-affected families, children, youth and supporting organisations. One part of the donations from Poland will go towards an eye clinic in Stettin and also be spent to support flood victims. The remaining funds raised in Poland will be spent on a project chosen at the Polish Special Convention from a range of possible benevolent organisations/activities.

We would like to thank all supporters already on board! A summary of the donations and sponsorships committed so far can be seen here.

Team Poland/Germany

Route Team Poland/Germany

The Polish team’s run begins in Szczecin (Stettin) on 28 June at 10:00am. Participants reach Hamburg on Friday, 5 July, in time to take part in the international parade on Saturday, 6 July 2013.  Participants will be Dr. Mariusz Szeib and PDG Daniel Wcislo of the LC Poznan Rotunda from the Polish side and LF Ludwig Schlereth of the LC Halle-Saalkreis from the German side. The approximately 400km long route passes through Pasewalk, Strasburg (Uckermark), Neubrandenburg, Waren (Müritz), Parchim, Schwerin, Ratzeburg und Lübeck. Every team member will complete at least half of the total distance.

Tour Diary

Our experiences during the tour we put together in our tour diary together with some chosen pictures.